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Wool Attributes

At Whyworry Park we are continually fine tuning the breeding program to ensure that the fibre being produced will meet processor and consumer needs for their specific fabric markets such as soft light weight, luxurious comfortable clothing which can be worn close to the skin. It must enable profits to be made through all stages of the wool pipeline.

Evaluation of price data over the last 4 seasons leads us to believe that we should maintain an average micron of approximately 17.5 with very good style to attract the major significant price premiums associated with ASF2 and ASF3 wool types with traditional crimp patterns. Currently, these premiums are of the order of 30% per style grade depending on micron. There are premiums for increased staple length up to approximately 80-85mm and then discounts of approximately 45 to 50% cut in as length increases above 85 mm.

People who buy over 50% of wools 19.0 micron and finer believe these traditional types with staple strengths above 40N/Ktex are the most suitable for high speed, efficient spinning and weaving and give drape and elasticity to the cloth. We have a proportion of bolder crimping rams available for those producers who wish to target the bold crimp niche market for a casual fabric possibly requiring different spinning and weaving techniques to maintain shape and drape.

Currently this market appears to suffer from logistical supply problems and not all buyers appear to operate. Wool growers must identify their market and choose appropriate genetics for that market. In the case of Whyworry Park our target is the Italian 19.0 micron and finer market. The under 16 micron wool niche market can be met from hoggets wool from our ram's progeny. Some examples from our 2015 shearing are:

Sheep Brand Micron yield Vm% SL SS Style

Picture of wool at Whyworry Park, Uralla